About Us

We build and brand your recruitment agency and then give you all the tools you need to succeed as a recruitment Director.

You get a fully functional legal recruitment agency.

All you have to do is place candidates and take home 100 percent placement fee. 

A fully functional legal recruitment agency

We cover all the foundation including legal insurances,  all you have to do is place candidates and take home 100 percent placement fee. 

A recruitment website

This website comes with a fully functional job board. 

There will be indicated boxes where you can add your own content.

Full limited company registration and company logo

We will go through the processes of applying and registering the company for you. We work with a well established logo company for branding.

Branding, domain, email and Hosting.

We provide a web domain, business email and web hosting.

A permanent contract for clients

This is a 3 page contact your client will sign when placing candidates for them.

Business bank, software and other resources

Advise where to get a free business bank for your company. Also advise where to get free recruitment software and other resources.

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About Recruiter partnerships

How much it cost? 

what we offer you would cost around £3000 to buy on the market.

We offer all this for a generous £599 for a limited time.

How we do it 

We have lasting relationships with developers and designers to get cost effective prices and quality work. We have built many agencies throughout the UK and Europe. we understand the recruitment logistics and processes of being successful in building a company.